Lecture by Mishuana Goeman (Re)mapping Our Nations: Gendered Geographies and Native Narrative Markings.

In this lecture, Dr. Goeman addresses concepts of spatial justice by asking the question, whose land is it that is deemed public by interests that have always been about the privatization of land and bodies? Goeman argues that we might (re)map the social, historical, political, and economical in these moments to include a critique of colonialism and imperialism. The geographic language employed in our work toward spatial justice has potential potency of unpacking neo-liberal accumulations of private wealth, but recognition of colonial restructuring of land and bodies must be recognized in this process.

This event is sponsored by the American Studies Dept., Feminist Research Institute (FRI), Institute for Native American Research (IFAIR), the English Dept., and Women Studies.

Location Information:
Main Campus – Student Union Building 60

Contact Information:
Name: Michael Trujillo
Phone: 505 688 5737
Email: MLTruj@unm.edu